Undergraduate Program

B.S. in Health and Exercise Science

The department offers two distinctly different programs of study at the undergraduate level: Health Promotion and Sports Medicine.

Health Promotion Concentration

The Health Promotion concentration prepares students for numerous careers in the field of health promotion and wellness. Students completing this program select careers in corporate wellness, health clubs, and hospital, university, military, and insurance health promotion settings.

HES Curriculum starting Fall 2016:

Sports Medicine Concentration

The Sports Medicine concentration is primarily for those students who are interested in pursuing careers in physical therapy, the medical profession, or who plan on continuing their education through graduate study in exercise physiology.

HES Curriculum starting Fall 2016:

**Note: If you enrolled in CSU prior to Fall 2016 or attended Transfer Orientation during the summer of 2016, please email chhs-hes_asc_advisors@mail.colostate.edu for your curriculum check sheet*

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