Graduate Programs

Graduate Programs

The Department of Health and Exercise Science offers two graduate degrees: a Master of Science degree and a Doctor of Philosophy degree (Human Bioenergetics). Our graduate programs emphasize the importance of physical activity and nutrition in creating health, preventing disease and deterioration, and in restoration of health and fitness. We also offer a focus area within the CSU School of Public Health. Dr. Tracy Nelson is the contact person for practicum experiences in this program.

This website is intended to provide most of the information you will need to make a choice about your graduate education, to understand our graduate programs, and to apply to our graduate programs. Follow the links to the right of the page for more information on each of our graduate programs.

You are invited to visit us for an up close and personal look at our program and facilities.

Deadlines for Applying:

  • M.S. Program: December 31st for Fall admission or August 31st for Spring admission
  • Doctoral Program: None; you must be in contact with a prospective mentor who is prepared to fund your Ph.D. program before any admission decision is made.