Multiuser Lab Space

Cell Culture Lab

This multiuser laboratory houses all equipment necessary for tissue culturing including three biosafety cabinets, a cell fractionation/isolation work station, CO2 incubators, a hypoxic glove box, and cryostorage.

Client counseling room

The client counseling room is a site for research teams to obtain consent, perform intake interviews/screening, and for research physician interactions with research volunteers.

Core Wet Lab

The core wet lab is a multi-user facility which serves the molecular biology, biochemistry, and tissue analytic needs of multiple groups. The lab allows for the analysis of DNA, RNA, protein, lipid, carbohydrate, and other analytes from human and rodent tissue and isolated cells.

Major equipment includes:

  • spectrophotometer
  • 3 fume hoods
  • glucose/lactate analyzer
  • 4 refrigerated centrifuges
  • plate readers
  • stirring hot plate
  • HPLC pump and electrochemical detector
  • pH Meter
  • chest freezer for ultra low temperature
  • real time PCR
  • power supplies and electrophoresis equipment
  • water purification system
  • water circulating baths
  • chemiluminescent and UV imaging equipment
  • cryostat with microtome
  • tissue homogenizer
  • light and fluorescence microscopes with image analysis systems
  • thermocycler
  • agarose electrophoresis apparatus
  • shaking incubator for bacterial cultures, and plate reading luminometer

Environmental Chamber

The environmental chamber serves as a core/shared lab which aims to study human physiology when exposed to environmental extremes. Much of the research in this lab involves the study of new technologies (fabrics, phase change polymers) designed to improve human exercise tolerance in hot and cold conditions. The space houses a chamber which can regulate temperature and humidity to simulate a broad range of environmental conditions. An antechamber/control area houses tech space for real-time control of studies inside the chamber.

Microscopy/Imaging Lab

This multiuser space houses a Nikon microscope with phase contrast and fluorescence capabilities. This microscope is in addition to two other inverted microscopes, one Nikon and one Olympus, available in the laboratories.

Surgery Room

The surgery room is a multiuser space for carrying out research experiments that necessitate the use of rodent models. This room is equipped with its own ventilation system and contains a biosafety cabinet, computerized cardiac performance analyzer, oscilloscope for electrocardiography, small animal mechanical ventilator, multichannel physiological recorders, water-circulating blankets, and thermometers.

-80°C Freezer Room

The freezer room presently houses 4 upright -80°C freezers for shared sample storage. Electrical features include emergency backup power via a generator located in Moby-A wing.