Clinical Labs

This newly remodeled space contains a bed, sinks, cabinetry, and storage. It serves the needs of the HDPP and research teams for client testing, client prep, and physician examinations.

Clinical Exercise Testing Laboratory

The centerpiece of the clinical core and HDPP, the clinical exercise testing lab serves outreach, teaching, and research activities for the department. It contains 3 treadmill/ECG stations, 3 metabolic carts, 3 client beds, a medical "crash" cart, extensive storage, sink, and miscellaneous equipment (stationary bikes, sphygmomanometers, etc.). Two courses (HES 420 and HES 520) have practical experiences in this lab, and both undergraduate and graduate practica, independent study, and honor’s theses are often based in this lab. In addition, physician-supervised stress tests for prospective research volunteers also take place in this lab.


The DEXA room houses a dual-energy X-ray Absorptiometry (DEXA) unit used for body composition and bone densitometry analysis. The room serves the needs of the research labs and is used in upper division courses in body composition techniques.

Physician Exam Room

This rooms contains a patient bed, phlebotomy chair, medical supply cart, stadiometer, sphygmomanometers, cabinetry and a sink. It is used for baseline screening, physical exams and client prep prior to exercise testing.

Pulmonary Testing Room

The Pulmonary room houses a digital pulmonary volume and respiratory testing station, sink, and cabinetry for use in the clinical/outreach services offered through the HDPP.

Hydrodensitometry Room

The Hydrodensitometry room houses the tank, which is used for clinical body composition analysis and in several courses on body composition methods.

Resource Room

The resource room serves as a site for client intake, education, and follow up for the HDPP and for the research activities.