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Youth Sport Camps

Mission & Objectives

Through innovative programming and the use of active learning practices focusing on obesity prevention, lifelong fitness, and skill development, the Youth Sport Camps support the educational and public service mission of the Department of Health and Exercise Science and Colorado State University. We provide hands-on experience and research opportunities for CSU students and staff while promoting the benefits of physical activity and health lifestyles for youth in the community.

To help us meet our goal of decreasing the prevalence of childhood obesity and inactive lifestyles, we aspire to develop a working model of summer camp programming that focuses on these two issues. We will offer new and exciting programming that features up-to-date information and activities on lifetime fitness and wellness. We also plan to collect data from volunteer campers regarding their physical activity levels and nutritional habits to help us gage the effectiveness of our changes.

Sports Equipment


  • To promote physical activity in a fun and safe environment
  • To promote lifelong activity and a healthy approach to childhood obesity prevention
  • To challenge each child to improve his or her own level of performance