Outreach: Programs and Services


We offer tours to a variety of groups. Our purpose is to showcase our facility and the work that we do in various areas of health and physiology.

  • The typical tour group size is 24 people or smaller. A group of 24 is divided into smaller groups to accommodate the smaller facility spaces.
  • Tour length varies depending on the type of tour and component included. The typical time frame is 1-2 hours.

School Tours

The purpose of our school tours is to ignite interest in the areas of health, wellness, physiology and the study of chronic diseases.

  • Academic/Education: The purpose of this tour is to provide an inside look at the clinical and research areas of the Human Performance Clinical/Research Laboratory and may also include discussion of our undergraduate programs.

    If you are interested in our graduate programs, please visit: www.hes.chhs.colostate.edu/students/graduate.

  • Experiential: This tour is geared toward health, anatomy and physiology high school classes. The purpose of this tour is to engage students in laboratory measurements. The typical areas for measurement are body composition via hydrostatic (underwater) weighing, aerobic capacity with gas collection and strength testing. Electrocardiography may be included depending on the academic class content.

Community Tours

Community tours provide a brief look at our exciting research and outreach programs housed within the Human Performance Clinical/Research Laboratory.

To Schedule a Tour

Please complete the tour request form and email it to Tiffany Lipsey at tiffany.lipsey@colostate.edu. Available tour dates are variable. Please plan early to allow the best chance for us to accommodate your request.