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Firefighter Testing Program

It is commonly known that nearly 50% of on-duty firefighter deaths are due to heart attack. However, despite knowing that as Gordon Graham says, "Predictable is preventable," firefighters continue to die at a rate higher than the average population from heart disease. Cardiovascular disease risk factors are known. The majority of these risk factors are controllable. However, the only way to control these risk factors is to know your numbers.


Do you need help to target your efforts in the area of health and wellness for individuals and for the department? By using what we know in this area, you can improve the overall health and wellness of your department. Let's use this knowledge so that "Everyone goes home" . . . and returns for their next shift.

We offer testing for both individuals and departments. Testing components may be chosen to meet your needs. We can tailor the testing to your needs and create a plan to accommodate your budget.


We currently provide testing for the following agencies. Please select your agency in the list to be directed to information specific to your agency. If you do not see your agency in the list, please contact Tiffany Lipsey at tiffany.lipsey@colostate.edu or (970) 491-3847 for more information. The general public has access to this comprehensive testing in the Heart Disease Prevention Program.

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