Adult Fitness


Kimberly Burke - Director

Kimberly Burke

Kimberly Burke is a Colorado native from Highlands Ranch. She got her B.S. here at CSU in Health and Exercise Science, and went on to attend the Master’s Program in the same department. After working with the Adult Fitness program at almost every level, she was honored to be offered and accept the position of Director. She is hoping it will be a wonderful blend of her joys of teaching and wellness programing. After spending 3 years associated with the program it would have been just too hard to leave the wonderful members and amazing students. Kimberly has experience in both group fitness instruction and personal training, and enjoys a good workout, whether her own or leading it for others. When outside the confines of Adult Fitness you’ll likely find her baking, enjoying a movie, hiking, running, or spending time with family and friends. Kimberly is very excited for the opportunity to serve the Adult Fitness program in a new capacity, and hopes that you are too!

Kelley Covington

Kelley Covington hails from the great state of North Carolina. She was raised on a dairy farm in a small town called Mebane and later moved to Boone where she received an undergraduate degree from Appalachian State University in Exercise Science and Psychology. Upon graduation Kelley relocated to Colorado to pursue a Master’s degree at CSU. Kelley has previous experience in different concentrations of exercise science including athletic training, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and cardiac rehab; giving her a well-rounded perspective on improving health through exercise. At CSU Kelley serves as a graduate teaching assistant in the undergraduate program and a service assistant to the Adult Fitness program. Kelley’s main interests lie in working with clinical populations to improve overall health and quality of life through exercise. Currently she is working on a project that investigates the effects of implementing group exercise training programs specifically for oncology patients. In her free time you will find Kelley outdoors with her two dogs, Luna and Tokin. Though she is from NC, like many Coloradans Kelley seizes any opportunity to travel, hike, try new foods, and drink craft beer! She is very passionate about the Adult Fitness program at CSU and looking forward to spending more time with the members.

Andrew Monaghan

Andrew Monaghan arrived in Fort Collins and Colorado State University from the Emerald isle of Ireland via Mississippi. He grew up in the small rural village nestled in the north of Ireland and got recruited on a track and field scholarship to Mississippi State University in the college town of Starkville. Whilst competing for Mississippi State Andrew earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology, with a concentration in clinical exercise physiology. During his time in Mississippi, Andrew served as a volunteer assistant coach to the school’s track and field team and also completed an internship in Cardiac Rehab. He also has previous experience in the biotechnology industry as he undertook a summer-long internship in San Francisco. Andrew likes to spend his free time exploring the vast trails and nature’s hidden jewels that Fort Collins and Colorado have to offer. He competes competitively in the world of track and field and has ran one marathon (San Francisco) and plans on running many more! Hailing from Ireland, he likes to socialize with friends over a pint of Guinness and listen to traditional Irish music. Currently at CSU, Andrew is serving as a graduate teaching assistant along with his twin brother Patrick. He is excited at the prospect of meeting and working with the members of Adult Fitness and helping them to reach their fitness goals.

Paddy Monaghan

Patrick Monaghan was born and raised in a small, rural village in the countryside in the northeast part of Ireland, in the shadow on the Mourne Mountains. His journeys have taken him from the Emerald Isle to Starkville, Mississippi and finally arrived in Fort Collins in January. He is avid runner competes in track and cross country, and in 2012 received a scholarship to compete for Mississippi State University’s track team alongside his twin brother, Andrew. Patrick graduated from MSU with a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology, with a concentration in Clinical Exercise Physiology. During his undergraduate degree, Patrick completed an internship in Cardiac Rehab and was also able to act as a volunteer assistant coach for the track team. Patrick began his Master’s Degree in January 2017 and is currently serving as a GTA within the department. He is excited about having the opportunity to work in the Adult Fitness program so that he can meet and hear the stories of the local community, while at the same time working alongside them to get fitter and stronger and achieve their goals. Patrick loves to go out running in the trails and track in his spare time, and would one day love be able to run a sub 4-minute mile. He is a huge soccer and rugby fan, and always enjoys watching his native Ireland compete. He is also enjoys travelling and getting out seeing the world.

Amber Staley

Amber Staley is a Colorado native originally from a small town in southwest Colorado. She has lived and traveled all over the United States including Texas where she graduated from the University of Texas San Antonio with her Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology. She has spent the years since working as a personal trainer, in physical therapy, and corporate wellness. At CSU Amber serves as a graduate teaching assistant in the undergraduate program and a service assistant to the Adult Fitness program. When not working and in school she is a powerlifter, competes in strong (wo)man, and enjoys the outdoors including snowboarding, hiking, mountain biking, and camping. Amber is looking forward to starting her graduate career focusing on disease prevention through nutrition and exercise. She is also looking forward to working with the students and members in the Adult fitness program.