Our Department

Our Department

The Department of Health and Exercise Science reflects Colorado State University's tripartite mission of research, academics and service. Faculty conduct cutting edge research in the state of the art facilities including basic, translational, and clinical applications in the area of chronic and age-related diseases. The undergraduate program consists of two concentrations that lead to the Bachelor of Science degree in Health and Exercise Science: (1) Health Promotion and (2) Sports Medicine. Our graduate program offers a Master of Science degree in Health and Exercise Science and a Ph.D. in Human Bioenergetics. Our service/outreach programs serve a wide variety of populations providing an opportunity for physical activity and disease prevention.


The Department of Health and Exercise Science will be a premier 21st century department focused on improving our national and international ranking in research while achieving distinction for academic and outreach programs.

Mission and Code

The mission of the Department of Health and Exercise Science is to discover new knowledge through excellence in research in the areas of health and exercise science and to disseminate that knowledge through academic and outreach programs. Physical activity, wellness, and disease prevention concepts are central to the mission. The "Discovering Healthy Lifestyles" tagline describes our commitment to the discovery of new knowledge, and the dissemination of that knowledge through academic and outreach programs.

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Departmental Goal

We are committed to our goal of producing nationally and internationally recognized research programs and graduates that are focused on helping people protect, maintain, and improve their health and quality of life throughout the lifespan.

Core Values

  1. Assure alignment with the CHHS and CSU strategic plans and missions.
  2. Assure alignment of our vision, mission, and goals with performance evaluations, merit, and tenure and promotion.
  3. Act with integrity and mutual respect. "Not equal gifts but equal contribution of effort;" there is genuine respect among faculty and staff for each person’s contribution.
  4. Expect accountability among faculty, staff, and students.
  5. Encourage and reward innovation in research, teaching and service (synergy).
  6. Promote freedom of expression.
  7. Demonstrate inclusiveness and diversity.
  8. Promote a student-centric environment.
  9. Employ a consumer focus.

Objectives of the Department

  1. To discover knowledge in health and exercise science through research by
    1. Producing nationally and internationally recognized research and scholarship.
    2. Conducting theoretical, basic and applied research.
    3. Recruiting, developing and retaining nationally and internationally known faculty.
    4. Developing and maintaining world-class research facilities.
    5. Active and aggressive external grant writing to support research programs.
    6. Producing high quality graduate student research theses and dissertations.
    7. Providing high quality undergraduate research experiences.
  2. To disseminate current and relevant information via quality academic programs; to provide quality and meaningful hands on experiences for undergraduate and graduate students; and to provide high quality and meaningful outreach programs to
    1. Undergraduate majors who specialize in the departmental concentrations.
    2. Students who wish to obtain a graduate degree in health and exercise science.
    3. Non-majors who are enrolled in departmental courses.
    4. Individuals and groups seeking education at a distance via the Division of Continuing Education.
    5. Faculty, staff and community members via programs like the Adult Fitness Program, Faculty and Staff Fitness Program, Youth Sport Camps, and the Heart Disease Prevention Program.
    6. New populations through the development of new high quality outreach programs for specific populations.
    7. The community through public lectures and other means of dissemination.
    8. Working professionals through continuing education courses, conferences and workshops.
    9. The University "Wellness Cluster" in the Office of Student Affairs.
  3. To provide high quality professional service through
    1. Service as officers and participation as active members of professional groups.
    2. Service as professional peer reviewers for journals and funding agencies.
    3. Service on CSU, CHHS and HES committees.
    4. Community service on professionally related boards, task forces, work committees and coalitions.